Pronovias Wedding Dresses Brand: 5 Interesting Facts

In this article we will tell you about the Spanish brand Pronovias in Dubai, which in 2014 turned 50 years old. It was a half a century of luxurious outfits and impeccable reputation.Family business, opened in the 20ies of the twentieth century, eventually turned into one of the most successful, popular brands in the wedding market. The business of Pronovias continued from year to year by members of the same family. Therefore it is logical that the company has achieved great success in the wedding fashion industry. And now we will tell you 5 facts about one of the most beautiful wedding brands.

Facts about Pronovias Wedding Dresses Brand

In 1922, fabrics and lace for wedding dresses from Pronovias first began to be sold in one prestigious store for brides in Barcelona. And only 42 years later, in 1964, the first full-fledged collection of wedding dresses Pronovias was released. It was the starting point and the original birth of a full-fledged brand.

Wedding fashion, like fashion in general, underwent certain stylistic elements in each epoch. In the 1970s, the Pronovias brand was engaged in sewing fashionable for those times tightly closed dresses for brides. These dresses had long sleeves, collars under the throat, moderately magnificent skirts of the A-shaped silhouette (the best traditions of hippy culture with accents in the form of embroidery in the ethno style). In the 80’s, Pronovias returned to the classical concept of the image of the bride and in general, no longer departed from it.

Pronovias brand, initially positioning itself as a luxury one, in the 90’s launched Costura, a more budgetary line targeting a slightly different audience. Dresses under the “pret-a-porter” stamp did not become simple or cheap. Due to the hand-made elements, they retained the notes of luxury and chic (characteristics of each product from Pronovias).

In 2000, the word “collaboration” entered into the fashion industry (an association of two fashion brands to create a limited collection). Pronovias collaborated with such giants as Emanuel Ungaro, Valentino, Elie Saab, and BadgleyMischka.

Now Pronovias is more than 50 years old. This is not the only impressive achievement in the history of the Spanish brand. Now wedding dresses of Pronovias are sold in 105 countries. The company has 4000 sales points all over the world. 163 of them are monobrand boutiques of Pronovias, that is, these stores offer only the dresses of this famous brand of wedding dresses.

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