How to Choose Your Wedding Florist?

Aside from the dress, flowers are one of the most important components of any wedding. When the flowers are beautiful and compliment the gown and the wedding colors, a wedding seems to come together perfectly. Unfortunately, not every florist is qualified to be a wedding florist. When a person is planning their wedding, it is vital they make the right choice in their wedding florist in Baltimore. With these tips, brides, and grooms will know what to look for.

When checking out florists, a person needs to make sure they choose a floral designer that is fully trained in designing wedding bouquets and arrangements. The average wedding flowers include the bridal bouquet, the female wedding party bouquets, boutonnieres, decor, and centerpieces for the rehearsal, wedding, and reception. Before a person hires a florist, they need to check these areas:

  • Check the florist’s training and experience level. This is not the time to hire a florist because they knew them in school. For a big event like a wedding, a bride and groom need to know they can fully rely on the expertise of their florist so their flowers will be perfect for every aspect of their wedding.
  • It never hurts to talk with friends and family who have had recent weddings. If a person likes the flower arrangements they saw, this is a good way to find out information on a florist. It is important to remember just because the flowers were beautiful at one wedding does not mean the florist offers consistent work. It behooves a person to carefully view the portfolio and check out referrals to ensure they are making a sound choice.

There are a few questions a person should ask the florists they plan on meeting with:

  • How will they design the flower bouquets and other arrangments?
  • Will they offer full setup services?
  • Do they provide containers or will the bride and groom have to rent them or purchase?
  • What happens if something goes wrong in the process?
  • Will they offer removal services for any rented pieces?

Using these tips will make finding the right bridal florist much easier. It is important a couple takes time in the process and is sure they are making the right choice for their special day.

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